Varagur - பூலோக வைகுண்டம்

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Varagur Sri Venkatesa Perumal
                      This Website is basically a gateway for Sri Venkatesa Perumal Temple - Varagur where you can read out the history of this temple along with the life history of the legends(Avathaara Purush) like Sri Narayana Theerthar and Sri Gopala Bagavathar and their devotional/ritual contributions which are currently being preserved and followed at Varagur. Please Register with us to get the latest update and NewsLetter.....Read more »

Manian வரகூரான்

About this divine village - Varagur

Thanjavur District - Tamil Nadu

Varagur Sri Venkatesa Perumal Temple
                      Varagur is a small village situated on Tanjavur District - Tamil Nadu, residing on the bank of river Kuda-Murutty which is a tributary of Holy river Cauvery. This village is the birth place for the famous Sanskrit Opera named "Krishna Leela Tarangini" composed by Sri Narayana Theerthar who attained Deva Mukthi after persuading the Vishwaroopa Darshan of Lord Venkatesa Perumal, Varagur. Read more »

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